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Welding in 2-second cycles

Production times need to be reduced and costs must be lowered. conntronic has responded to this request from our customers with the concept of a rapid turntable system. 2-second cycle times per component have already been implemented.

Conntronic 4-position turntable
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- mbt1 - The CD machine for economical welding of sockets onto sheet metal parts
Couplings and sockets, partly with thread, should be welded onto half-shell components warp-free and economically. Until now this task has usually been carried out by means of inert gas welding.

With the CD -mbt1- welding machine, conntronic has developed and economical alternative. There will be no more rework, component warp and extraction systems or they will be reduced to a minimum.

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Welcome to conntronic Prozess-und Automatisierungstechnik GmbH. We offer solutions for the construction of welding systems and for welding processes and production facilities to make your products and production sequences more competitive.

The CD technology (capacitor discharge) is one of Conntronic's core competencies. In addition, our customer-oriented plant engineering also includes other welding processes such as MF and gas-shielded arc welding as well as laser welding and cutting.

Our customers in the automotive, white goods, heating and sanitation sectors and in the field of containers make use of the many years of experience and the ability to provide solutions of conntronic engineers.

Find out more and give us a challenge. Find out for yourself what solutions we can provide for you!
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